The Benefits of NDIS Orientation Module


Orientation Module


NDIS orientation module is a module that provides information about the assessment and approval process for NDIS workers. It provides information about what is involved in the assessment and approval process, who will be doing the assessment and approval process, when it will be done and where, who can help with the process, and what you can do to prepare for your NDIS worker application. It has the following benefits;

Orientation Module

  1. Provides workers with the knowledge and skills

This module provides workers with the information they will need to provide a quality service to consumers with disability. It will help them to understand the NDIS and how they will be involved with it, to know the steps they need to follow, and what is expected of them. It provides information about NDIS requirements, processes, regulations, rules, and policies.

Information that can be passed word-of-mouth

This can be passed word-of-mouth at meetings held in communities where the NDIS orientation module is being developed or where there is a need for extensive training information. This helps people who are not eligible for an NDIS package to understand their role in the process and what their responsibilities are. It also helps people who are eligible for an NDIS package to get more details about their roles as a worker.

Organized and informative

The content of this module is organized in a logical, understandable way. It provides information on how the assessment and approval process will work and what people can expect. This provides direction to people affected by NDIS so that they can understand their role and how good or bad a job they will do.

Helps workers become more confident

This module helps people become more confident in their roles as a worker. As they are aware of what they need to do, it encourages them to carry out their responsibilities in a positive way. They will know that if they do the right things, the process will go well.

Strengthens relationships with consumers and communities

This module helps people communicate with consumers and communities so that they can be aware of what is going on during the assessment and approval process. This helps build good relationships between workers and consumers/communities because each person has a role to play. This helps to develop a sense of community within communities.

Helps workers collaborate and work together

This module helps workers work together to provide a quality service. It provides information about the services that will be provided, who can do them, and where they can be done. This helps create a positive working relationship between workers, staff groups, and communities because it provides the information they can use as they get involved in their role as a worker. It shows them how important it is to have good relationships within the workplace.

Provides information about disability services

This module provides information about disability services that are available to people, including the NDIS. It helps people with disability have a say in what services they will be getting. It provides information about benefits that may be able to help people with their NDIS package as well as other grants and schemes available. This helps people be involved in all stages of the development of the NDIS and understand their role as a worker. It shows them how important it is to have good relationships within their community and workplace, so they can access support from other agencies.


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