Lisnic Review

Mission of Lisnic 

“To transform the way businesses scale.” 

With the current evolution of different systems, the scale of businesses should be adaptive and transforming as well. The rapid digitalization of the world is a factor that businesses should consider. Thus, Lisnic, with its digital platform, is focused on helping businesses all over the world. 

Vision of Lisnic 

“When people think business, they think Lisnic.” 

It is the vision of Lisnic to become a remarkable name and platform in the field of business. Since their main goal is to help in scaling businesses anywhere in the world through quality and professional mentoring, they wanted to envision the thankfulness of the clients because of the helpfulness of the platform.  

Core Values 

Lisnic provides four core values that help them build their legitimacy and service-oriented platform. These values are the following:

  • Make it easy

Lisnic does not want the mentees and mentors accessing their platforms to face complicated setbacks. They do not over-complicate things.

  • It’s all about you

A  platform that prioritizes its customers in any way possible is a symbol of a good service business. Lisnic always put their community and team in priority.

  • Don’t sugar coat it

Lisnic believes that “if there is a problem, just say so”. Lisnic is a good platform that connects mentors and mentees in different fields. Thus, through connection, mentees should share what the problems were so that mentors could help.

  • Don’t be a stain

In this platform, fake news and scams are heavily despised. Thus, Lisnic’s last core value focuses on maintaining their avenue as fake news-free. Everyone is encouraged to be a trustworthy human being. 

Lisnic is changing the game globally.

When Lisnic says that they are available around the world,  they do not lie. They are not messing around because the platform of Lisnic is accessible in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, etc.), Asia  (Hongkong, Singapore, etc.), the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada.

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