Tips On How To Pick The Best Bedroom Night Table Lamps

Bedroom night table lamps significantly and directly impact your bedroom experience. This ingenious invention not only provides you with enough light to read your book without straining your eyes but also effortlessly creates an ideal bedroom ambiance.

So, if you also want to tap on the benefits of having a night table lamp in your bedroom, then read on as this article got you covered. We will provide you with 4 tips on how to pick the best bedroom night table lamps.

How to pick the best bedroom night table lamps

Below are the factors you should put into consideration before you splurge on your ideal night table lamp (also known as a nightstand lamp or bedside table lamp);

#The size of your bedroom

The size of your bedroom should be put into consideration before you purchase your nightstand lamp. So, if your bedroom is large, consider getting 2 medium-sized nightstands, which you should place on both sides, even if you are the only occupant. NOTE! For a perfect blend, ensure that your lamp’s shade doesn’t stick out of the edges of the table it’s placed on.

#The height of your night table lamp

The higher the lighting fixture, the more the light will be illuminated in a room. And since the primary purpose of a night table lamp is to provide enough lighting around your bedside and not light your whole bedroom, then make sure that it’s not 1.5 times taller than the table it’s sitting on.


#Its lighting effects and its purpose

Consider choosing a nightstand that illuminates a soothing and functional light in your bedroom. Warm colors such as yellow or red will do the trick. If your night table lamp is for reading, pick one with a yellow light.

Pro tip; Never place a nightstand lamp that has a blue light. Blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm by suppressing your melatonin production, which is a hormone that helps you sleep.

#Your bedroom layout and décor

Your bedroom layout and décor also determine which type of night table lamp you should purchase. Remember, a nightstand also acts like your bedroom highlight. So make sure that you pick one that complements your bedroom décor without grabbing unwanted attention.

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