MYOB Exo support by Stratus Consulting Group

Written by: fahadt


Desktop programs are quite difficult to administer, mainly when a large number of functions are being performed at the same time. There are situations when you might even require a large number of hands to assist in a computer relayed process. What if, on the other hand, there is a solution to the issue you are having? Introducing MYOB Exo support by Stratus Consulting Group:

The MYOB Exo Business suite of apps is a unified package of business software. It enables you to put data only once, such as customer information, and afterward tends to make that data available to every other MYOB Exo Product line as well as other software applications, such as Excel, Microsoft Word, and Outlook. Specifically, it enables you to enter client information only once.


MYOB Exo Business transforms becomes the central component of your enterprise application, making it possible for you to run all of your programs using a unified data set. Because of this, the platform is able to accommodate numerous points of customer interaction, such as in-store, telesales, internet, field rep, and your accounting department.


MYOB Exo support by Stratus Consulting Group, on the other hand, was designed with the Web in mind, which makes it simple for you to handle a subsidiary that is located in another location, work from of the comfort of your own home, or give a mobile sales force access to the software while they are out there in the ground. The MYOB Exo program is constructed utilizing a 3-tier design, and it is separated into three distinct layers. This architecture makes it possible for the software to run incredibly effectively over the Web, even with dial – up internet connectivity.


MYOB Exo support by Stratus Consulting Group recognizes overall success across all aspects of business, including but not limited to top sales, excellent customer service, and effective marketing. To receive this prize would be an incredible accomplishment for our entire team because it recognizes high levels of performance in a variety of different categories. We are pretty proud to have received this honor, and we would want to express our gratitude to our incredible team for making this possible.


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