Glass Bongs Australia Review

Whether you’re a relaxed pot-smoker or a party animal, everyone enjoys the occasional bong. There’s something about smoking from a glass bong that can’t be replicated. It tastes better, and it looks beautiful as smoke pours out through the water as you inhale your hit.

The best thing is that it doesn’t take too long to make the perfect bong either; all it takes is some ice cubes, six-pointed star perc, and some decent glass. However, there are much more complicated ways of making a bong if you want to make a masterpiece.

Are glass bongs worth buying?

If taken care of properly, your glass bong should be able to last you many years before needing replacement. It’s recommended that extensive electronics should always be handled by professionals, which means additional costs along with postage fees if you choose an online service.

Are you looking for a quality glass bong to take your smoking experience to the next level? Check out the best glass bongs Australia has to offer.

Our top pick is the Grace Glass Mini Beaker Bong. This high-quality piece is thick, durable glass and features a stable beaker base and a comfortable mouthpiece. It also comes with a removable diffuser down stem and a 14.5mm male joint.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, we recommend the Headdies Headie Glass Bong. This compact bong measures just 10 inches in height and has a slender design that makes it perfect for traveling. It’s sturdy and comes with a built-in ice pinch for extra smooth, cooled hits.

For those on a budget, we suggest the Honeybird Glass Bong by HBI. This simple yet durable bong is heat-resistant glass and features a recycler function that ensures maximum filtration. It also comes with an ice catcher and an 18mm funnel bowl.

If you want to try something new, check out the Falcon Bongs – Jetmaster Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong. This compact bong measures just 20cm in height but has all of the features you need for outstanding smoking sessions, including an 18mm joint, an ice holder, and a diffused down stem that’s designed to provide efficient airflow for cool, flavorful smoke.

We hope you enjoy our top picks for the best glass bongs Australia has to offer.


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