While the decision to rent office space instead of purchasing it is becoming more common among businesses, choosing where you will set up shop requires a bit of research. This is crucial since the wrong choice could have dramatic effects on a business that is in its early stages. Here are five key factors to look at when looking for ideal office space for rent in Melbourne:

1. Location and infrastructure

It is not just about the neighborhood! In most cases, it is more important that offices are situated well in terms of their proximity to shops, banks, and public transport. The prime locations in cities and major towns have already been snapped up by businesses looking to be near the action, so if this is important then you may have to look further out from the city Centre into neighboring suburbs or satellite towns or even small villages depending on where your target market is located. Think also about access from home/depots/dealerships/etc. A good location should also give you enough exposure in order to expand your customer base later on.

2. Affordability

You should make sure beforehand that there is sufficient room in your budget to lease premises on a long-term basis without overstretching yourself financially, especially if you do not yet have clear prospects for expansion. Make sure also to consider hidden expenditures that can easily push up your monthly costs such as cleaning, security, and maintenance fees.

3. Accessibility

How easy is it to access your office space for rent from public transport? In most cases, the location of the property will dictate whether or not this can be considered. If you need quick and easy access to city centers in order to service clients then remember that most major cities tend to have offices accommodating businesses with a lot of staff working from them. The same thing applies if you are setting up as an independent sales representative recruiting agents throughout the area. Thus, look for an office space for rent in Melbourne that is near the main streets for maximum exposure.

4. Size and layout

If you are a small and untested business then it may be better to lease smaller premises in order to keep overheads down. Remember that you will also need space for storage so go for the largest available office spaces for rent in Melbourne that your budget can cover. It may even be preferable to take a part-furnished unit with minimal decoration rather than an all-fitted (and therefore more expensive) one initially, since this can always be changed later when your company has grown and you require more staff or larger meeting rooms etc., depending on how things develop naturally.

5. Parking and security

If your business relies on deliveries by large trucks, or if personnel will be driving to and from the office then it is important that there is sufficient parking space. Be sure to also consider the security of premises since you want to prevent vandalism and theft as much as possible without spending too much money in the process.


The above five factors should definitely be taken into account in your search for office space for rent in Melbourne. Remember that you will often only get one chance to make a good first impression, so if possible try and tour the building before signing any contracts.

Also, consider the reputation of the landlords or agents by considering factors like how long they have been operating and their background so that you can work with the best landlords.

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